Roy & Monica setting up for the book festval. Roy & Trei. Roy, Monica & Trei. Trei setting up for the day. Davvonn with his signed copy of 'A Beautiful Melody'. Justin and Jordan are about to be proud owners of 'A Beautiful Melody'. Roy reading to Jordon. Alex with her signed copy of 'The Legend of Tai & Burung Elang. Margie... proud new owner of a classroom set of FigTree Books. Sheila just purchased 'A Beautiful Melody' for her daughter Izzy. Roy & Monica with fellow author J. Nell Ford. Monica & Trei. Trei handing out FigTree coloring books and crayons. Roy with fellow authors Desmond Woodruff Delk and Joshua Norstein. The Fountain in Forsyth Park. Roy, Monica, & Trei in front of the fountain in Forsyth Park. Roy & Monica in front of the fountain in Forsyth Park. Roy & Monica with illustrator extraordinaire Marcus Williams. Marcus Williams... Illustrator for FigTree Books. . Roy & Monica with Alissa Boyd of the Live Oak Public Libraries. Roy & Monica with fellow author Nina Crews. Roy & Monica with Marcus Williams. Roy & Monica with Nina Crews. It's a beautiful day for a Children's Book Festival in Forsyth Park!
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